Fox Group

Corporate / Web Design

Initial Situaton

Two new companies are to be created through the merger of Gastrofox and Personalfox and Medicalfox, which will form a unit together with Gastrofox and should be perceived as a unit. The main business is the recruitment of specialists for companies in the fields of gastronomy, medicine, health, hotels, industry and crafts.


Fox Group is an international association of three employment agencies based in Switzerland which bring together employers and employees.

They are active in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and other European countries and will find trained professionals for you, whose applications will be reviewed and carefully selected by their specialists.

The task was to development of a cross-company corporate identity including colour scheme, image scheme and visual language, which allows the differentiation of the three specialisations with the prospect of further branches in the future


A coherent brand image with high recognizability but immediate differentiation of the individual subcompanies / specializations.

Suiting for B2B and B2C business, since they work directly with People in search for work and with other Agencies or directly with business clients as well.

Look & Feel

  • Trustworthy
  • Personal
  • Playful
Doctor/Physician illustration created for Medicalfox


For each of the three different Branches following Media should be developed:

  • Websites
  • Flyer
  • Business cards
  • Roll Up
  • Interactive Employer Form
Gastrofox Adaptive Website for mobile devices and desktop
Gastrofox Adaptive Website for mobile devices and desktop

Design & Visuals

The two companies that should become three already had one color direction each - orange and red. By adding a third colour, blue, a strong distinguishing feature has been added to the design, which immediately makes it clear that these are different areas.

a part of the visual exploration of color and style

To ensure that the three companies were perceived as belonging together, key visuals were developed which, using the same style, resulted in a first link between the three. As a second link, a common visual style holds them together through the same design elements in all sub-companies. With future expansion, the design system that results from this concept can also be used to integrate other sub-companies in a reliable manner.

Part of the Process in Miro, from Ideation over Competitor Analysis to the developent of the Visuals

Key visuals:

Custom made illustrations by Anne Kaiser

Developement process of the Illustrations
finalisation of the color palettes

»The Magnifying Glass«

a Sketch Frame of some Wireframe for the Visual style of the »magnifying glass«

main visuals – workforce illustrations for the different branches of the FoxGroup
secondary visuals – icon set matching brand colors with all three branches


Each branch have it's own website. It shows the specialisation of the company, the process of finding and applying for a job, presents information about the personal language teacher, informs about the necessary criteria for employees and employers as well as for more trust, if available, it presents testimonies.

All websites and their sub-pages are adaptive, so they adapt to the size of the screen they are active in (Responsive websites, which is not quite the correct expression).

Personalfox Loading and Interactions
Adaptiveness of the websites to all screen sizes

Dev-Website Links:

Live Website Links(could be changed by customer):

All the different Websites are built upon the same design, shown above on phone and desktop


Stationary, Flyer, Roll-Ups and different other Materials were developed and produced.

Personalfox Roll Up Banner
Medicalfox Roll-Up Banner


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