Easy Beauty

Corporate / Product Design
(in progress)

Initial Situaton

Easy Beauty is the leading cosmetic studio in the Konstanz region and within a radius of at least 50 km.

In the course of the last years the studio has developed further. The main clientele has become more demanding, prices have risen and unique treatments are offered in the high-price segment.

The next step will be the opening of a professional section and the abandonment of more general treatments.


Over the years, the corporate design has become increasingly clearer and more adapted, and the result is a halfway clear picture in terms of effect and message. In many places, there is still a lack of strength and convincing quality in the graphic implementation of advertising materials. There are still some problems with the compatibility of the appearance with different segments and different fields of application.


The Easy Beauty brand is to be given a corporate design with flexible rules that allow materials to be created very easily, whilst at the same time providing a clear aesthetic that further strengthens the brand. In addition, the adapted design should allow the company to expand into the high-price segment and other business areas, and accordingly be able to present a coherent image.

Look & Feel

  • High quality
  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Simple
Easy Beauty Cosmetic Institute Moodboard
Easy Beauty Cosmetic Institute Moodboard


After a multi-day brand workshop we were able to identify and name several critical points. These did not only affect the perceived brand, but also existing problems on the part of the management and also on the part of the customers were clarified and documented.

Among other things, I created several user analyses based on website interaction data, customer surveys and customer feedback. This allowed me to strongly support the process of creative problem solving.

The "Pain Points" then became "How could we ...? Questions and the most important appearance criteria / directions for the design were determined.

Reason Why

Everyone at Easy Beauty does their best to make customers happy and to make a pleasant experience possible: Customer satisfaction is the highest priority of Easy Beauty. The team always tries to help people to highlight their inner beauty as much as possible.

How might we…

  • … make it easier for customers to find the right treatment for their problems faster?
  • … make the treatment pages simpler and clearer even with a lot of content and explanations?
  • … better highlight our USPs? - especially our unique treatment possibilities
  • … make the website especially user-friendly for mobile users and significantly improve the mobile experience?

Some of the branding use cases in the Studio


  • Adaptive mobile first website with CMS
  • Logo redesign
  • Corporate Manual
  • Video presentations for treatments
  • Price List Booklet
  • Specifications for further print and advertising media
Corporate Colors for the new Brand Identity
Corporate Colors for the new Brand Identity
New Easy Beauty Wordmark, horizontal
New Easy Beauty Wordmark, horizontal

Website Redesign

Customer surveys revealed that the majority of customers come to the studio through the website. Thus it is the first contact point for new customers, but also a source of information for existing customers.

The goal of the redesign right from the start was to make sure that visitors to the website could find the content they were looking for as easily as possible, and that they could handle the site without any problems. On the other hand, the website should fit coherently into the new corporate design.

In order to identify the priorities and wishes of the visitors, an analysis of the user data collected so far was of particular importance. In addition, user tests were carried out in later phases.

old Easy Beauty Desktop Website 2018
old Easy Beauty Desktop Website
old Easy Beauty mobile website with a long treatment description

Website Redesign


  • Which first impression should be made when visiting the page - what is on the start page?
  • What are the priorities of the treatments, the websites - where do customers click most / what are they most interested in?
  • How should customers move through the treatment pages?

There are different approaches to the last question of how customers should find the right treatment. According to Steve Krug in his book "Don't make me think!" there are basically four different types of web visitors.

  • Visitors who are looking for something specific because they have already informed themselves and want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.
  • Visitors who are looking for a solution but do not yet know exactly what can help them, so they would also like to inform themselves first or get help
  • Interested visitors who don't need a specific product but want to be inspired
  • and last but not least visitors who have already been to the site and might want to find a particularly helpful site again.

user analysis categorised into different kinds of website visitors (like mentioned above)

Website Redesign


In order to be able to serve all four user groups when needed, the search function should move clearly into the foreground and be especially easy to use. Accordingly, the individual treatments will be provided with search tags so that they can be found in as many ways as possible in the shortest  time possible.

first Sketches for the new starting Page of the Easy Beauty website

In order to inspire interested visitors, to help uncertain visitors if necessary and to highlight the USPs of Easy Beauty as far as possible, depending on the season, the few most popular treatments should be highlighted on the start page according to the Pareto principle.

For users who are looking for something very specific, the navigation should be reduced to the essential and the nesting depth should be limited to one level. Thus the menu guidance is clearly simplified and no misunderstandings arise.

To ensure that certain and uncertain visitors can directly find what they were looking for, all treatments are sorted by areas of the body as well as grouped together as problem solutions and can be found in the navigation bar with a single click.

Live new website on Mobile and Desktop

Especially with mobile use, the treatment pages have to load quickly, which is why each treatment should have its own page.  In addition, a more precise tracking of the treatments is possible in order to be able to use retargeting.

Live Website:


Results after one month at the last redesign in 2017:
Data for the new design will follow.

Google Analytics data

  • Visitors through Google Search +61,14%
  • Average session duration +30.00%
  • Contact requests over the site +102,07%
  • Bounce rate -19.48%

An estimated additional revenue growth of +22,4%


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