milk is …

Poster Campaign
Visual Communication

Initial Situaton

Although a healthy diet and lifestyle has gained in importance and popularity in recent years, many people still think that cow's milk is healthy and comes from "lucky" cows. Even people who pay attention to their diet and strive for a healthy lifestyle can be strongly influenced by advertising or have simply been misinformed by the wrong sources.


The aim is to clarify that milk consumption has a harmful effect on health, animals and the environment. Furthermore, advertising lies, such as that milk strengthens bones, are to be resolved and explained.

Target Group

Environmentally conscious people who pay attention to their health and nutrition.

use case for the campaign could be everywhere around public transportation


The environment should be less polluted through diary products.

On first contact, the product should be perceived as awakening, polarising, (offensive?) and eye-catching. It should make you think.

Milk is … breast cancer promoting!
An independent Swedish Study pointed out that women who drink milk die earlier than women who do not drink milk products
Milk is … prostate cancer promoting!
Modern milking processes have resulted in a high concentration of carcinogenic hormones in milk. These promote cancer growth throughout the body.
Milk is … harmful to your bones!
A Harward study of 75,000 subjects has shown that milk deprives bones of calcium. This weakens your bones.
Milk is … destruction for the environment!
Over 70% of the world's fields are used for concentrated feed. For this purpose more than 350.000.000qm of rainforest are uprooted or burnt down daily.
Milk is … waste of water!
For the production of 1 litre of milk, including animal feed, 1000 litres of water are used.
Milk is … a drug mix!
Modern dairy cows are given medication which is contained in the milk after milking.
Milk is … cruelty to animals!
In modern dairies the dairy cows are forced to be fertilised almost all year round. Without recovery time the animals are overloaded and die instead of after 30 years as a rule already at the age of 5 years.
Milk is … the murder of newborns!
After birth, mother and calf are separated immediately. Since male calves are of no use to the dairy industry, they are killed directly.


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