Inspiring App for young adults to get them into the zoo – Expereince Design / Product Design

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Boosting customer acquisition and retention of young digital natives


Client: Zoo, Berlin

Why / Framing

As a child and later as a young adult, you like to spend your free time in the Zoo. In puberty (about 12-18 years) it is rather rare that teenagers want to visit a zoo. In this case, Animara™ should give assistance and solve the problem.

Existing digital possibilities, such as regular information Zoo apps, are too dull for the young adults, they would also need to read the information boards … Therefore they do not bring the success expected by the Zoo.

My role

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Brand Strategist
  • Product Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Motion Designer
zoo app challange overview with a red parrot
Challange overview screen
a red squid compared to some red parrots in the animara zoo app berlin game
Clickthrough of an example game flow
challange answer ui design with red quid game
Question »right answer« state
animara app for berlin zoo logo and wordmark in green

How / Challenge

To develop an appealing solution for teenagers to emphasize the importance of flora and fauna of our planet, which they can get to know in the Zoo.

What / Solution

Development of a high fidelity prototype and the strategy for the further growth of the app. This strategy also enables the Zoo to grow in the future.

original map of the berlin zoo and animara in-game abstract map in gray with green destination point
Existing map of the Zoo Berlin on the left and the created in-game map on the right


Especially during the development of the strategy, the book »Hacking Growth« was very instructive. Furthermore, I was able to learn the importance of a design system, as well as mastering »Sketch Symbols« during the creation of the process.

Clickthrough of the different menu elements in the prototype of Animara Berlin Zoo App
Clickthrough of the different menu elements
clickthrough of second game with ostrich eggs and a timer plus animara beriln zoo map
Clickthrough of »wrong answer« state
registration process walktrough of the animara app
Clickthrough registration process

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