Animara Zoo

Product Design

Initial Situaton

Due to the constant digital stimuli and the previously known information about animals, young people lack the interest to go to a real zoo.

Existing digital possibilities, such as normal information zoo apps, are too boring for the young adults, they would also need to read the boards … Therefore they do not bring the success expected by the zoo.


As part of a student project, we were to develop a fictional app for a client selected by us which tries to solve an existing problem or offer support.

My choice fell on the Zoo in Berlin.

As a child and later as a young adult you like to spend your free time in the zoo. In puberty (about 12-18 years) it is rather rare that the teenagers want to visit a zoo. In this case Animara should give assistance and solve the problem if possible.

Original Map of the Zoo in Berlin (on the left) and the adapted Version in Animara (on the right)
On the left: the original map of the Zoo in Berlin with an overlay of the different areas
On the right: the adapted version of the map in the App Animara


Digital natives ranging from 12 - 18 years should voluntarily spend their free time in the zoo.

Look & Feel

  • Thrilling
  • Simple
  • Entertaining
  • Intuitive
moodboard for the animara App
Moodboard for the Animara App

The Logo and app Icon for the application next to a sample GIF of a game screen
The Logo and app Icon for the application next to a sample GIF of a game screen

Reason Why

The zoo is home to many species of plants and animals that are otherwise on the verge of extinction. It is essential for young digital natives, who nowadays are increasingly disconnected from nature, to discover the importance of preserving plant and animal species in the world.





Julian is from a generation who grew up with the new technologies of the digital age. Computer games, E-Mails, the Internet, smartphones and instant messaging are integral parts of his life, and he was socialised with them early on. He is used to receiving information very quickly, loves to work in multitasking, prefers graphics over text and feels best when connected. On his 6th birthday he got his first smartphone.

He often goes into town with his friends to post new stories together on Snapchat, show each other funny comedy videos and post the next #nofilter picture on Instagram - of course with a filter.

He doesn't pay much attention at school, the latest Snapchat and Insta stories are far too important not to be seen immediately. But no problem - he can multitask totally fine. He plays some mobile games as well, for which he always spends his money to get quicker, better and buy the best items. It is important to him that the games always present new challenges and attractions so that he doesn't get bored.

Core Message

Zoo of Berlin Animara Application Type Logo
Animara Wordmark

Discover undiscovered!


As with all other projects, research was first necessary to clarify all facets of the problem. This is the only way to make well-founded decisions regarding structural and visual design.

For this it was essential to dig deeper into the target group. Therefore several digital natives were interviewed and valuable conclusions could be drawn. Some suggestions / ideas of the children were also noted and used as directional support for the functional development of the application.

Key questions

  • Which functions should the app have in order for the target group to grow constantly and for the app to be used?
  • How could new challenges be created for the user again and again?
  • How could social elements be brought into the game?
  • What is the best way to bind users to the application?
  • How could the scope of the application grow without always having to get expanded by us?

Clickthrough of the different menu elements in the prototype of Animara Berlin Zoo App
Clickthrough of the different menu elements in the prototype



Gamification is the use of game design principles, to engage participants. Gamified applications take advantage of people's interest in participating in games, to perform activities that are normally considered boring.

an overview of some avatar animals in the Animara App
an overview of some avatar animals

Following Functions should be developed:

  • Interactive map with open / restricted areas and displayable missions
zoomed-out map with multiplayer capabilities, gray markers are other players
zoomed-out map with multiplayer capabilities, grey markers are other players the green one is the user
  • Mission overview with old / new missions in categories
  • Real time multiplayer
  • Personifiable character
profile screen, with an overview of the missions and stats of the player
profile screen, with an overview of the missions and stats of the player
  • Mission Rewards
  • Quiz questions with visually displayed facts
second game example with end screen


User Flow

The real map of the zoo should be used in the app, with the current positions and locations of the animal cages. At each cage / at each other animal may be a new challenge to overcome or a question to answer.

  • Log in / Sign up
  • Choose avatar
  • Get to the map of the zoo, where all areas except the start are "locked". Missions are only unlocked at the starting point.
  • Open the unlocked area, there you can to start several missions (linked with the animal in each cage)
  • Mission is started and completed / not completed
successfully answered question in misison one
  • Go on to the next mission or area / repeat mission
  • After a finished area you get trophies
  • You can compare your performance in the different areas with the other Users and see if you are the smartest visitor or the best player


User Retention

Description of missions

  • Change questions in missions Monthly
  • For each question in the mission the user has only a certain number of seconds to solve
  • A limited number of "lives"
  • Losing a life if at the end of a mission less than 50% of the questions were answered correctly
Mission overview screen with basic information
Mission overview screen with basic information

Reward system

  • After completed missions you get a number of stars / points that can be viewed in your profile
  • The character gets special avatars for perfectly accomplished missions
  • Depending on the number of points, the user gets a number of in-game coins from which he can buy extras for the avatar / question help / "resume booster" for failed missions.
  • At the end of each month, the person at the top of the table will be rewarded with a souvenir voucher.
Mission stats after finishing of the current misison in the berlin zoo animara App
Stats after finishing the mission


User Activation

User submitted Quests / Questions

  • User goes to "Submit task" (Neue Frage)
  • Choose task principle
  • variables are searched and selected
  • Submit question
  • The question is checked for plausibility by the system on the basis of existing data from the animals and the task is released or the user is informed that the information is not plausible
  • or Zoo professionals select the best questions to be published next month
  • Accepted question is assigned to an animal and after designing the visual it appears in the usual missions


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